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10 Best Travel Strollers for Infants in 2024: Ultimate Guide for Parenting on the Go

Traveling with an infant requires careful planning, especially when it comes to choosing the right stroller. A travel stroller for Infants is a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-fold option designed to make life on the go with a little one smoother and more enjoyable. The ideal travel stroller strikes a balance between being small enough to navigate busy airports or narrow sidewalks and sturdy enough to keep your infant safe and comfortable.

When scouting for the best travel strollers for infants, several key factors are paramount. The stroller’s weight and folded size matter greatly, as these determine its portability and compatibility with car trunks or overhead bins on airplanes. Additionally, easy folding mechanisms are a must for quick transitions, while a reclining seat and extendable sun canopy are essential for an infant’s comfort and protection.

Parents must also consider the stroller’s durability and the smoothness of its ride. A stroller that can withstand the rigors of travel without showing wear and tear is a worthy investment. The wheels should glide effortlessly over various terrains without jostling the baby too much. We’ve thoroughly assessed numerous models, focusing on these critical aspects, to bring forth a list of the 10 best travel strollers for infants that merge convenience, comfort, and reliability.

Top 10 Travel Strollers for Infants

After meticulous research and reviewing feedback from countless travels with little ones, we’ve curated a selection of the ten best travel strollers that cater to the needs of both infants and their parents. These strollers stand out for their blend of comfort, convenience, durability, and ease of maneuverability, ensuring that each journey with your little explorer remains a joyful experience.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

Travel Strollers for Infants

We recommend this stroller for its lightweight, easy maneuverability and compact fold, making it a practical choice for travel and quick outings.


  • Exceptionally light and easy to carry
  • Quick, one-handed fold mechanism
  • Ample storage for everyday necessities


  • Seat doesn’t recline completely flat
  • Cup holders may be too small for some bottles
  • Fabric can be challenging to clean

Taking the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller out for a spin, the first thing we notice is the ease of getting through crowded places thanks to its travel-friendly design. Its ultra-lightweight frame at just 12.87 lbs doesn’t weigh us down as we navigate through bustling streets, making it a breeze to transport from place to place.

Setting up the stroller is a breeze – before we know it, it’s out of the car and unfolded with just one hand. This convenience is a life-saver when our hands are full, enabling us to manage the stroller while still holding onto our little one or other essentials. The self-standing fold adds to the convenience, ensuring the stroller stays upright as we attend to other tasks.

As our day unfolds, we’re grateful for the spacious storage basket. It’s a relief not having to dangle bags over our shoulders as the stroller carries all of our gear with ease. The adjustable canopy shields our baby from the sun, contributing to a more comfortable and protected ride. However, we do find that the seat’s reclining options are limited as it doesn’t recline flat, which could be a slight drawback for a napping child. The cupholders’ size is another minor inconvenience, as they don’t fit all bottle types. Lastly, keeping the stroller clean on the go can be a task since the fabric is not the most forgiving when it comes to spills and stains. Regardless, we find our experience with the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller to be largely positive, especially considering the freedom it affords us during our travel adventures.

Summer 3Dlite

After testing this stroller on multiple outings, we think it’s an excellent option for parents seeking a balance between functionality and portability.


  • Lightweight frame that is easy to maneuver
  • Hassle-free compact fold with a convenient carry strap
  • Ample storage options including a large basket and cupholder


  • Canopy size may be insufficient for some weather conditions
  • The recline function could be smoother to adjust
  • Seat padding is minimal, which may affect comfort

We’ve recently taken the Summer 3Dlite stroller out and its lightweight, aluminum frame has been a game changer for us. Navigating through crowded airports and busy streets has never been easier. The anti-shock front wheels absorbed the bumps along the way, and we appreciated how the rear wheels locked in place during stops.

Storing the stroller was a breeze thanks to its compact fold, which was effortless to engage. The added carry strap meant we could sling it over our shoulder and still keep an eye on our little one. During sunny afternoon walks, the canopy with its flip-out sun visor gave us confidence that our infant was well-protected, although we did wish it provided a bit more coverage.

The generous storage basket was a major plus for us. We could fit our diaper bag and a few shopping bags without any issue. A convenient cup holder meant we could keep our drinks secure, adding to the overall convenience of the stroller. The seat’s four-position recline made naps on the go possible, but we did find ourselves wishing for a bit more cushioning to enhance our baby’s comfort for those longer strolls.

Summer Infant 3Dmini

We recommend the Summer Infant 3Dmini for its impressive combination of convenience and comfort, making it an excellent choice for families on the move.


  • Easy to navigate and handle due to its lightweight design
  • Simple to fold up and transport, which is ideal for travel
  • Versatile with multi-position recline and sun visor for comfort


  • Storage basket may not accommodate larger items
  • Not suited for infants under 6 months old
  • The compact size might feel snug for larger toddlers

During our latest family trip, we had the chance to give the Summer Infant 3Dmini a thorough test. Maneuvering through crowded airport terminals was a breeze, thanks to its lightweight frame and responsive wheels. Our child was content during long waits and brisk walks, all owing to the multi-position recline feature.

We’ve grown to appreciate the stroller’s compact fold. It fits comfortably in tight spaces, making it a go-to for car trunks and overhead storage in trains. Plus, the sun visor is a boon on sunny days, ensuring our little one is protected from harsh rays.

Although its storage basket is on the smaller side, it’s a fair trade-off for the stroller’s overall portability. Parents with larger bags might need to carry them separately, but for day trips, the stroller’s pouch and cup holders are surprisingly convenient. We found it to be a smart pick for on-the-go parents who need a stroller that’s ready for just about anything.

Zebrater Lightweight Stroller

Having personally maneuvered the Zebrater Lightweight Stroller through city sidewalks and parks, we believe it’s a practical choice for families on the go.


  • Effortlessly collapses in a second with one-hand fold feature
  • Lightweight design eases transportation and storage
  • The stroller’s canopy offers UPF 50+ protection, ensuring your little one is shaded on sunny days


  • Initial assembly can be a bit complex
  • Safety belt may require attention to ensure it’s secure
  • Footrest was missing in some purchase cases

On our recent trip to the zoo, the one-second fold mechanism was a game-changer. In a flash, the stroller was collapsed and ready to be carried. Placing it in the trunk of the car was a breeze, thanks to its compact form.

Navigating through crowded spaces was no hassle with its 360° swivel wheels. Moreover, the shock-absorbing springs meant our baby remained undisturbed even on bumpier terrain. The removable tray proved to be a convenient spot for snacks, keeping the little one content on longer outings.

As parents, we value safety above all. The strap on the five-point safety belt, however, did occasionally slip, requiring us to double-check it was secure before rolling out. Despite this, the stroller’s breathable material kept our child cool, and we rested easy knowing the robust aluminum frame provided a sturdy ride.

The additional storage basket beneath the seat was a lifesaver for stowing away our numerous essentials, from diapers to toys. Interaction with our child was made joyful thanks to the rotational seat feature. Despite these advantages, some friends did mention they had to reach out to customer service due to missing footrests, which was a slight letdown. However, their experiences with customer support were positive and resolutions were quickly provided.

Beberoad Love R2 Stroller

We recommend the Beberoad Love R2 Stroller for its convenience in travel without compromising on comfort for your infant.


  • Incredible ease of folding with just one hand
  • Comfortable for your baby with adjustable backrest
  • Lightweight design, easy to carry and stows away in most airline overhead compartments


  • Car seat adaptor for travel system use is sold separately
  • Storage basket might be too small for some parents’ needs
  • Heavier infants close to the weight limit may find it less spacious

Navigating busy airport terminals with the Beberoad Love R2 Stroller is a breeze. Recently, we effortlessly folded it using the one-hand mechanism—super convenient when holding your child or carrying additional luggage. The compact size meant slipping it into an overhead bin was hassle-free and garnered appreciative nods from fellow travelers tired of bulky strollers.

Durability is key when it comes to travel gear, and this stroller doesn’t disappoint. The aluminum frame withstood the rigors of travel, from cobblestone streets to long city walks. The adjustable backrest allowed us to recline our baby for naps on the go, which was a godsend during long day trips.

We appreciate the thoughtful design elements, such as the extended canopy for protection on sunny days and peek-a-boo windows to monitor our little one. Although the stroller comes with a few extras like a cup holder and rain cover, we noted that the car seat adapter is a separate purchase—a minor inconvenience for those wanting an all-in-one travel solution.

CYBEX Libelle 2

We find the CYBEX Libelle 2 to be an excellent choice for those needing a compact, user-friendly stroller for frequent travels.


  • Impeccable for overhead storage on planes due to its size
  • Canopy provides solid protection from the sun
  • Syncs seamlessly with CYBEX car seats for an efficient travel system


  • Lacks a reclining feature for child comfort
  • Not the most budget-friendly option
  • The handle grip might not suit everyone’s preference

Reflecting on recent outings, the CYBEX Libelle 2 proved itself to be a reliable companion. Venturing through bustling airport terminals, this stroller impressed us with its swift, one-hand folding mechanism — a true savior when juggling boarding passes and baby essentials. It stood upright on its own, patiently waiting as we grabbed a coffee, queued for security, and everything in between.

The significantly large sun canopy came in handy during sunny strolls through the city park, draping our little one in protective shade. Its UPF 50+ fabric eased our concerns about harmful rays during those peak sunny hours.

What also struck us was the stroller’s ability to transform into a travel system. We effortlessly clipped in our CYBEX car seat (bought separately), and suddenly, car transitions were smoother than ever — no sleepy baby disturbances necessary.

Despite its compact size and knack for navigating through tight spaces, we did note a few considerations. Parents longing for a stroller that reclines might be slightly disappointed, as naps in the upright position might be less cozy. Additionally, the price point may stretch some budgets, but given its handy features, we see it as an investment for the jet-setting family.

Lastly, although the stroller feels sturdy during walks, some may find the handle grip less than ideal, especially during longer adventures.

In sum, the CYBEX Libelle 2 is a travel stroller that simplifies life on the move, maximizing convenience without compromising on comfort and protection.

Costzon Compact Travel Stroller

We recommend the Costzon Compact Travel Stroller for its convenient foldability and comfortable ride for babies, making it a solid choice for families on the move.


  • Lightweight and easily foldable with one hand
  • Adjustable canopy and backrest for baby’s comfort
  • Smooth ride with all-terrain wheels and shock absorption system


  • Higher handlebar height might be uncomfortable for taller parents
  • Assembly can be slightly challenging for some
  • Storage basket size may be insufficient for longer trips

The moment we took the Costzon Compact Travel Stroller out for a spin, the convenience of the one-hand fold feature was impressive. With the other hand free, managing our luggage and the little one was significantly easier. We found the stroller’s portability to be a boon, especially when navigating through airport security and fitting it into the overhead cabin space.

We appreciated the adjustable backrest and canopy that provided the perfect shield for our baby from the sun’s glare and occasional drizzle. During naps, the recline feature allowed for a comfortable lying position, which is a critical aspect when you’re out for the entire day.

The ride was another area where this stroller shone. Whether we were cruising through the smooth floors of shopping malls or tackling the rougher paths in the park, the all-terrain wheels and shock absorption system ensured our baby stayed comfortable and undisturbed throughout the journey.

Navigating with this stroller was a breeze; the 360-degree swivel of the front wheels allowed us to maneuver through crowds without disrupting our baby’s peace. Although we found the storage basket to be a tad small for our needs during a full day out, it sufficed for a few essentials and a shopping bag or two. The snack tray was an excellent addition, giving our toddler a place for snacks and a drink while on the move.

In our experience, taller caretakers might wish for a higher handlebar. However, this is a minor compromise in comparison to the benefits offered by this travel-friendly stroller. Assembling the stroller was a bit tricky initially, but once we got the hang of it, it wasn’t a major problem.

Overall, our experience with the Costzon Compact Travel Stroller was positive. The mix of ease, comfort, and mobility it provides makes it a great companion for both everyday errands and travel adventures with your infant.

HARPPA Ringo Ultra Compact

For parents prioritizing portability and ease of use during travel, the HARPPA Ringo Ultra Compact is a contender that shouldn’t be overlooked.


  • Effortlessly fits in overhead compartments for stress-free airplane travel.
  • Provides a cool and comfortable ride with its breathable mesh fabric.
  • Negotiates crowded spaces smoothly with its 360° swiveling front wheels.


  • Folding mechanics can be tricky to master at first.
  • May seem too small for larger toddlers, possibly affecting longevity of use.
  • Some parents report the seatbelt’s quality could be improved.

After recently taking the HARPPA Ringo stroller out for a spin, we were immediately impressed by how little space it occupied in our trunk. Whipping it out and getting it set up was a breeze after a few tries, although the folding mechanism did require a bit of learning.

The true test came at the airport; the HARPPA passed with flying colors as it slid smoothly into the overhead bin. Not a single side-eye from the cabin crew or fellow passengers; everyone was blissfully unaware as we avoided the gate-check line.

Our travel through the terminal was just as pleasing, with the stroller’s nimble wheels making tight turns seem effortless. And when the sun was bearing down during our layover in sunny Phoenix, the breathable fabric kept our little one cool and unbothered, comfortably nestled in their shaded seat.

The 360° front wheel rotation came in handy while navigating through the crowds, and the built-in suspension absorbed most of the bumps and jolts along the way. We found the brake system to be uncomplicated and reliable, providing that extra peace of mind when we stopped to grab a coffee.

Even though the seat seemed a snug fit for our toddler who’s on the taller side, they remained content, which made us wonder about the stroller’s suitability as they continue to grow. Also, we did take note of the seatbelt; it could use a bit more sturdiness, though it managed to keep our kid secure.

In conclusion, if you’re a globe-trotting family looking for a stroller that can keep up with your travel itinerary without bogging you down, the HARPPA Ringo Ultra Compact is a solid investment. However, if your little one is pushing the upper size limits, you might want to consider how long this stroller will be part of your adventures.

Summer Infant 3D QuickClose Stroller

We recommend this stroller for its effortless folding mechanism and portability, ideal for parents who are always on the move.


  • Folds quickly with just one hand
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Compatible with several popular car seats


  • Storage space might be limited
  • Canopy durability could be an issue over time
  • May not handle rough terrain as well as full-size strollers

The Summer Infant 3D QuickClose Stroller has been a game-changer on our family trips. Its lightweight frame makes it incredibly easy to carry up staircases or navigate crowded city sidewalks. The one-handed fold is a lifesaver when you’re balancing a baby on your hip, and we’ve been able to collapse it in a flash when hopping onto buses or trains.

Storage is ample for day trips, with enough room in the basket for the essentials and a bit more. The cell phone holder is surprisingly secure, and having our drinks at hand has meant fewer stops and smoother outings. Our baby seems quite comfortable, and the five-point harness keeps them secure without fuss.

We’ve noticed the canopy is just large enough to shield our little one on sunny days, and the peek-a-boo window is perfect for keeping an eye on them without breaking stride. While the stroller manages well on city sidewalks and in stores, it can struggle over more uneven terrain. It’s certainly built for urban excursions rather than off-path adventures.

Zebrater Compact Stroller

We believe families who are always on the go will appreciate this Zebrater stroller for its quick folding ability and compact size, ideal for travel.


  • Effortless one-button fold design
  • Durable frame and breathable material for comfort
  • Handy additional features like tray and large storage basket


  • Can be slightly difficult to assemble
  • Safety belt requires close attention
  • Folding mechanism may take time to get used to

Ever since we started using this stroller, hopping between errands has become a breeze. The new one-second fold feature Zebrater has introduced truly stands out. We were able to collapse the stroller single-handedly, which has been invaluable—especially when our hands are full.

On sunny days, the UPF 50+ canopy offers immense peace of mind. It kept the little one protected from harmful rays, allowing us to spend more time outdoors without worry. The adjustable tilt backrest means naps on the move aren’t just possible; they’re comfortable.

The thoughtful design extends to the swivel wheels which glide smoothly across various terrains. Dodging through crowds or strolling in the park felt secure and stable. Having recently navigated a particularly crowded market, we appreciated the stroller’s maneuverability.

Having utilized the under-seat storage basket, we found it spacious enough for essentials and a few extra toys. Despite the robust features, the stroller still falls short in a few areas. The assembly was a little complex at the start, but manageable with some patience. We also noticed that the safety belt could be firmer as it tends to loosen, requiring frequent checks.

What solidified our opinion of this stroller was witnessing its performance in transit. From fitting in the trunk to navigating airport terminals, it’s been a reliable travel companion. Despite a few hiccups, its pros far outweigh its cons, making the Zebrater Compact Stroller a sensible choice for active families.

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Buying Guide

When choosing the best travel stroller for infants, there are key features to consider to ensure comfort, safety, and convenience.

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Essential Considerations

Weight and Size: We need a lightweight and compact stroller that’s easy to carry and navigate through narrow spaces. Look for a model that fits in overhead bins on airplanes or trunks of cars.

Folding Mechanism: Ease of folding is crucial for travel. We prefer strollers that easily collapse with one hand and have a locking mechanism to prevent accidental unfolding.

Durability: It should withstand frequent use and varying terrains. High-quality materials and sturdy construction are indicators of long-lasting use.

Comfort Features

Adjustable Seat Recline: An adjustable seat allows our infants to sit up or recline for naps. A near-flat recline is ideal for newborns.

Canopy: A large, extendable canopy provides ample protection from sun and rain.

Footrest: An adjustable footrest enhances comfort for growing babies.

Safety Features

5-point Harness: A secure 5-point harness keeps our little ones safely strapped in the stroller.

Brakes: Easy-to-use, reliable brakes are essential for safety.

Wheels and Suspension: Smooth-rolling wheels with suspension systems offer a more comfortable ride for our infants.

Convenience Options

Storage: Ample storage space for baby essentials is a bonus when traveling.

Accessories: Features such as cup holders, rain covers, and travel bags increase convenience.


Age Range: Consider a stroller that grows with our child, from infancy to toddlerhood.

AccessoriesLow to Medium
Age AdaptabilityHigh

Our infant’s comfort and safety alongside our convenience significantly influence our choice of a travel stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions

In tuning into the needs of traveling parents, we consider factors such as stroller weight, foldability, and compatibility with travel systems.

What are the key features to look for in a stroller suitable for traveling with a newborn?

When assessing a stroller for newborn travel, we look for a fully reclining seat, a spacious canopy, and significant suspension. These features ensure comfort and protection for the infant’s delicate developmental stage.

How do you determine the best travel stroller for airplane use?

The ideal airplane travel stroller should be lightweight, have a compact fold, and conform to carry-on size restrictions. Additionally, a one-handed fold mechanism can significantly ease the process of boarding and deplaning.

What criteria define the best compact strollers for traveling with toddlers?

For toddlers, we prioritize strollers that are compact yet durable, with adjustable seating and ample storage. It’s also essential that the stroller has a robust harness system to safely accommodate a toddler’s increased mobility.

What are the advantages of using a travel stroller with an integrated car seat?

A travel stroller with an integrated car seat offers seamless transitions between car and stroller. It eliminates the need to disturb a sleeping infant and reduces the amount of gear needed for travel.

How to choose a stroller that is easy to maneuver and fold for travel?

To ensure ease of maneuverability and folding, we suggest strollers with swivel front wheels, lightweight frames, and a straightforward folding mechanism that can be activated swiftly.

Which travel strollers are recommended for children aged 4 and above?

We recommend strollers with a higher weight capacity, durable construction, and features that cater to older children’s need for independence, such as a standing board or an adaptable seat.

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